Finding The Right Escort – Is Youth More Important Than Experience?

For most guys, the first experience with an escort is a mixture of exhilaration and anxiety. The prospect of handing over money for sex can be a uniquely nerve-wracking one and lots of men worry about being exposed, saying the wrong thing, demonstrating ‘weird’ sexual preferences, or upsetting their escort in some way.

The good news is that, with the help of a skilled and attractive escort, these anxieties quickly melt away to unadulterated pleasure and erotic intensity. And, when it next comes time to hire an escort, the experience is usually a lot less intimidating and feels like more of an equal exchange between two willing parties.

A Choice between Age and Experience

So, naturally, after the first encounter, most guys start to think about what would make a perfect escort. Would she have blonde hair or would she be a brunette; maybe even a redhead? Would she be tall or average height? How old would she be and how much experience does a truly great escort have?

These are all important questions and it is necessary to ask yourself whether age or experience is top of your list of priorities. Do you want a younger woman who can offer beauty and physical perfection, or would you prefer an escort who is a little older but knows how to work her curves and please a man? The choice is entirely yours and there, of course, advantages to both options.

The Importance of Knowing What You Want

It is worth pointing out that older and more experienced escorts tend to be more willing to experiment, so if you want a sexual partner who is as daring and imaginative as you, opt for a mature woman. In fact, pick the right one and she will make all of your fantasies come true – be they spanking, bondage, dirty talk, water sports, toys, or latex and leather play.

The advantage of picking a younger girl is, obviously, the fact that she will likely have an extraordinary body – every man wants to be able to say that they have slept with a beautiful woman. Her breasts will be flawlessly perky, her bum perfectly round and squeezable, and her features matched to your specific preferences (if requested).

A lot of people assume that younger escorts are bound to be more popular than the older women, but this is rarely the case. A mature escort, with a reasonable amount of experience under her belt, is a woman who knows how to handle clients, who knows how to put them at ease and bring the best out of them – she knows what it means to have a good time.

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