The Hustlers at Scores: The Ex-Strippers Who Stole From (Mostly) Rich Men and … – New York Magazine

New York Magazine
The Hustlers at Scores: The Ex-Strippers Who Stole From (Mostly) Rich Men and
New York Magazine
Now 31, she has since made some inquiries into the field of psychology and concluded that this behavior was likely the result of her parents' having taken off to Atlantic City when she was young and leaving her and her brother behind with elderly

NYPD detective accused of hooking up with prostitutes while on the job – New York Daily News

New York Daily News
NYPD detective accused of hooking up with prostitutes while on the job
New York Daily News
The NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating a veteran detective accused of procuring prostitutes while on duty over a six-year period, the Daily News has learned. Det. Kenny Chin, 44, a 17-year veteran who spent virtually his entire career in

Fetishism for foot is not an uncommon feeling or opinion among people around the world

Breast and booties are the most attractive part of a female body that can turn on most of the men. But apart from these two parts, many men can have serious attraction for female foot. They can have this attraction for female foot because of their feet fetish. And if you think, sexyhaving feet fetish is bad thing, then you shall correct yourself for same. Fetishism is a common feeling among many men and women around the world and if a man has attraction for female foot or if he feet fetish, then its not an unusual thing and we should not make fun of those men because of their fetishism.

If you would do researches about foot fetishism, then you would realize that feet fetish is quite common among men. In fact many researches are already going on and experts found a lot of details related to foot fetishism. Experts doing research and studies on fetish found that foot and feet accessories are the most common fetishist thing in men among all the non genital parts of a female body. Experts on fetishism also found that almost half of the fetishes are related to feet fetish. Also, they found that two third of the body fetishes are about shoes, socks and similar other things.

If we talk about the reasons of feet fetish, then we cannot have any specific answer for same. In fact, we may not have any straight forward answer for any kind of fetishism including feet fetish. However, many experts came up with various theories for this feeling and they shared various logical reasons as well for same. But in any situation we cannot consider those opinions about foot fetishism as the best solution. So we still can’t give any answer for same to you about those reasons that cause feet fetish among men around the world.

As far as speculation or opinions of experts are concerned about this particular fetish, then we can definitely share that her. Some fetishism experts claim similarity between foot and penis because of which they can have Foot Fetish. This theory is not scientific so we have no reason to believe on this opinion about fetishism. There are some other theories as well that are more scientific and malfunction to brain is one of those scientific theories. This theory claim that people can have this attraction for foot because of phantom limb syndrome in which they feel like having an extra limb similar to amputee people.

Other than this, many studies also found that the brain area that associated with feet and genital parts are connected to each other. Sometime this cross wiring of these two adjacent areas of mind can also result as fetishism for foot. Since this is a scientific theory and based on logic and science both, therefore, we can consider this as one more reason because of which people can have feet fetish. And the most amazing thing about this is that many people that consider themselves normal can also have similar fetish without having any knowledge about it.…